Server rules

Please read before creating an account!


We ask you to use English when talking in global chats in-game, for example #main or #party. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • #guild channel for recruiting or seeking a guild in-game.
  • Global language channels (#DE, #NL, #FR, #ES, #PT, #IT, #PL, #RU, #PH, #ID), which are disabled by default and need to be opted in via the xxx NPC. Important: global language channels are currently not moderated. Please use them at your own risk!


Please refrain from repetitive, noisy or otherwise frustrating spam which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Chat messages
  • Skills in towns such as Gloria, Ice Wall, or Bard/Dancer songs
  • Excessive drop spam of items to hinder people’s movements


We reserve the right to take action, if deemed necessary, against all forms of inappropriate chat as covered in the rules above or otherwise.


We expect you to try to be civil when interacting with other people. Lashing out and insulting people, even in retaliation to similar behaviour, is not okay. Do not argue publicly - take it to private messages. If you are unable to sort out your issues, please contact a staff member to mediate.


Attacking another person or group because of their race, sex, gender, orientation, ethnicity, origins or beliefs will not be tolerated, nor will other forms of harassment.


If you have grievances with another player, please try to resolve these privately. Do not take it to public channels and drag anyone’s name through the mud.


Pretending to be a staff member is never tolerated and will likely result in a ban from Ragnagoats if it is found to be malicious in nature. Staff members will never contact you via normal game accounts, if anyone claims to be a staff member and is not on a GM character or refuses to show themselves on their GM character (GM characters have yellow names and are part of the “Ragnagoats Staff” guild, check Ragnagoats Staff), please contact us on Discord immediately. We will never ask you for any sensitive or personal information, for example your Ragnagoats password or things such as bank details.


Sharing your account is permitted, but not encouraged - do so at your own risk. Items, characters, or anything else lost as a result of account sharing will typically not be restored. This does not make stealing items or zeny from a shared account acceptable behavior, though, and it will be treated as a form of scamming.

If someone else is found to be in violation of our rules while using your account, it will be treated as though you broke our rules, so be very careful who you give access to your account.


Advertising real money transactions, other than those explicitly enabled through the in-game cash shop or the donation services on the Ragnagoats website, is not allowed on Ragnagoats. This includes buying, selling, or trading items, zeny, or accounts for real money or services.

Anyone in violation of this rule will receive an account ban and anyone confirmed to be complicit will also receive harsh punishments at the discretion of the Ragnagoats staff.


Tricking a player into giving up items or zeny is not okay. This also includes trying to pass off unslotted equipment as slotted in vending stores.


Actively advertising another server is forbidden on Ragnagoats. Casual mention is fine, but posting messages to entice other players to join another server or sitting around with chatrooms mentioning other servers is not allowed.

This rule does not apply to servers which are no longer available to play/have closed down or if you are speaking about your experiences on other servers in correlation to sharing game knowledge, such as stat or skill builds, when trying to give advice to others.


Try to avoid interacting with already claimed monsters in a way that is detrimental to the other player or party. Consistent kill stealing may result in punishment.


Any act that intentionally sabotages the ability of another player or party to play the game falls under our definition of griefing. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Healing or buffing monsters to make them more dangerous and harder to kill.
  • Dropping monsters on other players or groups in an attempt to get them killed or to force them off the map.
  • Drawing monsters near a party in an attempt to sabotage the group, especially mobbers.
  • Mobbing and claiming all monsters on a map after having been made aware that other players are present.

PvP encounters, especially Guild Dungeons, as well as MVP and miniboss encounters are generally exempt from this rule as long as all parties involved are actively trying to kill the MVP or miniboss. If someone is sabotaging you or your party without the intent to kill or is only trying to get you killed, please report this to a staff member.


AFK leeching generally refers to leaving a character online and not playing it actively while gaining experience and may result in disciplinary action against the leeching character as well as assisting characters. This rule applies even after our AFK timer of 5 minutes has kicked in and you stop receiving experience as a result. This also includes leaving an out-of-party support character (such as acolyte classes, performers, or an endow sage, for instance) immobile for long periods of time while not actively assisting. Any character in a party or helping one that isn’t being actively played may be suspected of AFK leeching or even multi-clienting.


No third party software or client modifications other than those that have been approved by the staff are allowed on Ragnagoats. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bots
  • Macros
  • Autohotkey
  • GRF or client edits other than those which are on the pre-approved list. For more information, please visit the related news post.

Anyone using such tools or making unsanctioned edits to their client will receive an account ban.


One person logging in with multiple clients at once, even when using separate machines, is not allowed. Accounts involved in multi-clienting may be banned temporarily or indefinitely. Multiple clients from the same IP are blocked by default, if you wish to play together with another person from your household, please contact a staff member by opening a ticket on Discord or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] to get whitelisted.

You are allowed to have multiple accounts. Autotrading merchants do not count towards multi-clienting as the @autotrade command closes your client.

Staff members are authorized to issue warnings, mutes, character bans and account bans as necessary.