If you have no up to date kRO Client installed, please download this. We recommend this version.

Download (04.07.2024)


You have another server client installed and you to get a quick start? Download this.

If you get errors on startup, it is very likely the client of your previous server is not compatible with Ragnagoats. Please download the Full Client instead!

Download (04.07.2024)


Check this post for detailed information as to how to (un)install these client edits! Another important bit of information - if you want to share a replay (.rrf) file with others, they can only view it if they have the same client edits as you installed!

Skill Level Select (26.01.2024)

Short Song Durations (26.01.2024)

No Song Sounds (26.01.2024)

Short Song Durations & Skill Level Select (26.01.2024)

No Song Sounds & Skill Level Select (26.01.2024)

Remove all addons (26.01.2024)

Please be aware that only the above-mentioned client edits are allowed on Ragnagoats. Any other alterations to our client are against our our rules and may lead to account suspension.