Here at Ragnagoats, it has been and always will be our goal to create a players-first system for our Goat Points currency. To this end, Goat Points and their acquisition were designed from the bottom-up to be as fair to the non-donating player as is possible, and to avoid common issues like having a baseline rate of accrual so incredibly slow that it only serves to goad people into spending money.

Furthermore, as can be seen with the services that are available through the Goat Points themselves--which are either almost entirely cosmetic, or fulfil a function which can comparably be accomplished by simply making additional accounts--we intend to give donating players no meaningful power advantage at any point.

Because of this foundation, donation tiers may seem somewhat intimidating, and harken to familiar predatory mobile game practices. But, following our players-first credo, these numbers are all based entirely upon the fact that the system itself is already very accessible to even those who cannot (or will not) donate. It is also important to us that the bonuses and costs for donations are completely linear, offering no "bulk buy" benefits or incentives to trick the player into buying a little bit more than what they want.

Our server is to be run almost entirely upon donations that grant "subscription" style benefits targeted specifically at Goat Points and their acquisition--so, pragmatically, it is important that some more expensive options are available, since we can expect, on average, one donation amount per month per donating player. While it is possible that someone will simply donate for no other reason than to help sustain our continued hard work toward making this server as good as we possibly can (and we are eternally grateful for those who do), it is simply unreasonable to assume this sort of thing is going to happen with any regularity."

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