Item Changes

Some monsters drop items that you may not be used to from earlier episodes. However, post-Rebirth (episode 9 and after) items are either not available or heavily restricted.
Below you can find information regarding any custom changes which were made to items:


Adjusted cards

  • Deviling Card
    • Increases resistance against Neutral elemental attack by 30%.
    • Reduces resistance against other element attack by 30%.
  • Maya Purple Card
    • Enables its user to avoid the attention of Non-Boss Demon and Insect monsters while in the Hiding or Cloaking states.

Disabled cards

  • Due to the fact that we use the 'final' forms of monsters and maps, a number of cards have been temporarily disabled. To find out what cards are affected and when they become re-enabled again, click here.

No anti-inflation patch

  • Some cards have a slightly higher drop chances because we have not implemeted the so-called anti-inflation patch that was introduced on officials with episode 6. Click here to learn why and what cards are affected.


Authoritative Badge

  • The badges no longer persist through death, but they do persist through relogs.
  • Using the badges removes the Agi Down debuff.
  • The badge effect is removed by Dispel, Agi Down, Quagmire, and Please Don't Forget Me.

Green Potion

  • Removes the Hallucination (screen flip) effect.

Mastela Fruit, Royal Jelly, and Blue Potion

  • Mastela Fruit sell value reduced from 4250 zeny to 600 zeny.
  • Royal Jelly sell value reduced from 3500 zeny to 600 zeny.
  • Blue Potion sell value reduced from 2500 zeny to 800 zeny.

Medicine Bowl / Mini Furnace (Bulk Crafting)

  • Bulk potion and material crafting has been modified. Medicine Bowl is now a usable item, which, upon use, will allow the crafter to navigate to a recipe and simply hit enter repeatedly to craft that item until running out of materials or choosing to stop. This makes Alchemy closer to Blacksmithing in that there will no longer be an SP cost, nor will ASPD have any bearing on production rate. However, to bring the Bard and Dancer back into the process, if a crafter is affected by the "Into the Abyss" ensemble, the amount of items they attempt to craft at once will be increased by 1 (this does not reduce the cost of production, it simply saves time by allowing faster crafting). Mini Furnace is also affected by this system.
    • When using the new crafting system, Red/Slim Red Potion now attempts to create 3 Potions at once, and Yellow/Slim Yellow Potion attempts to create 2 Potions at once.
    • Do note that Pharmacy is still an active skill and potions can be produced the original way, but doing so will not benefit from the new system in any way.

Old Card Album

  • Old Card Albums do not award Mini Boss or MVP cards.
    • This change has been made to preserve the delicate balance of our currently low populated server and can be revised when appropriate.

Poison Bottle

  • Increased the ASPD and Poison duration to that of a standard 30 minute ASPD potion.


Early Implementation of Future/Unimplemented Non-Trans Gear

  • A number of pieces of non-trans equipment that don't normally get introduced until much later down the line have been assigned to existing monsters as drops in some way, shape or form. It is important to note that most if not all of the gear outlined in the document below will still drop from its future source. This is merely expanding the number of ways to acquire them so that it is possible earlier than later.

Doomed Swords (Mysteltainn, Grimtooth, Executioner)

  • Quest: Changed so that the random Doomed Sword produced by this quest will always be the slotted version.
  • Crafting: Changed so any Doomed Sword that is crafted through the quest will always be the slotted version.
  • Reduced the number of Old Hilts required for the Doomed Swords Quest from 3 to 1.
  • Added Grimtooth[1] and Mysteltainn[1].
    • Note: No dropped Doomed Sword will be eligible for Socket Enchanting once it comes out. The ones obtained from Mastersmith Howard, Sniper Cecil, and Dark Lord will always be the unslotted version.
  • Drop changes as part of the Doomed Swords adjustment:
    • Bloody Edge: Executioner (0.05% -> 2.5%)
    • Blade Lost on Darkness: Abysmal Knight (0.05% -> 0.25%), Deviling (0.02% -> 0.5%)
    • Old Hilt: Ogretooth (0.01% -> 0.25%)
    • Loki's Whispers: Mysteltainn (0.01% -> 0.25%)
    • Young Twig: Mistress (0.1% -> 1.5%)
    • Mother's Nightmare: Maya (0.1% -> 1.5%)

Gemmed Sallet

  • Gemmed Sallet has a sprite on Ragnagoats (graphic modified from the one created by w0wZukuBg). There are invisible headgear costumes available in the Goat Shop.

Ice Pick

  • Removed Swordsman from the list of classes that can equip it.

Refining (this is mentioned both here and in NPC changes)

  • Safe upgrades now add an amount of Maximum MATK.
  • Over upgrades now add an amount of Minimum MATK.
  • Bonuses are equal to the ATK bonuses for the weapon. That is to say, a level 1 weapon gains 2 Max MATK per upgrade, and 3 Min MATK per overupgrade.
  • Upgrade MATK occurs after any +% MATK bonus from equipment.