Monster Changes

On Ragnagoats, all monsters are in their final, pre-renewal forms (same as you can find on RMS), though their post-Rebirth (episode 9 and after) skills and behaviours have been removed and adjusted to match the pre-Rebirth era and will remain as such until episode 9 is implemented.


  • Alarms drop Clip [1] at an increased rate of 0.2% as part of the Anti-Inflation Patch.

Ant monsters (Ant Egg, Andre Larva, Andre, Piere, Deniro, Vitata)

  • Ant Eggs change into Andre Larva, Piere Larva, or Deniro Larva (in the same way as a Pupa changes into a Creamy), which is the only way for them to spawn. They stay in this form and do not turn into their respective ants - Andre, Piere, and Deniro still spawn normally.
  • Vitatas now have a low chance to lay Ant Eggs.

Dragon Tail

  • Dragon Tails drop Cap [1] instead of Cap [0].

Enchanted Peach Tree

  • Enchanted Peach Tree now drops Mastela Fruit again at 17%.
  • Enchanted Peach Tree has been re-immobilised.


  • Gryphon drops Peridot at 15% instead of Guisarme [3].

Orc Archer

  • Instead of Orc Archer Bow, Orc Archer drops Gakkung [2] at 0.02%.

Spring Rabbit

  • Spring Rabbits drop Gray Bunny Band at 0.01%.

Venatu (all types)

  • Removed Rusty Screw.
  • Added Flexible Tube with a 65% drop chance in the first item slot.

All Juperos Monsters

  • Removed Guns and Cooking Kits until they become relevant again.

MVPs and Boss type monsters

  • The HP of all MVPs except Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Lady Tanee, Amon Ra, and Dark Lord are currently doubled.
    • This decision has been made in order to make MVPs a little harder to kill, to break the 'Asura meta', and to encourage party play.
  • Am Mut:
    • Has had his INT increased slightly so that he may perform Acid Terror at approximately its original power.
    • Monster-cast Acid Terror remains Neutral Element for now, so to not completely trivialize the pain point around which this entire dungeon is designed.
  • Eddga:
    • Has had his INT increased significantly to reflect his refinement, and to make his Demonstration able to deal damage at a comparable level without raising its skill level and giving Rogues access to Demonstration 10 (at least not yet).
      • This may be untenable for when Power Up becomes available, and, in particular, no sane amount of INT will be able to be utilized in order to achieve a comparable threat level via Demonstration for Gloom Under Night. But for now, this is the solution.
    • Has had his Fireball reduced to level 1 to be closer to its original damage.
  • Maya is guarded by Soldier Andres instead of Arclouzes.
  • Lady Tanee does not teleport while she stands on a cell affected by the Deluge skill, similar to how Land Protector used to block MVPs from teleporting.
  • A tomb spawns one minute after an MVP has died, indicating the time they were killed and who killed them. The tomb despawns when the MVP respawns again.
  • Minions of Boss type monsters inherit their masters ability to see through Hiding, Cloaking, and Chase Walk.

WoE Treasure Box item redistribution

  • As part of our WoE setup, we have decided to redistribute treasure box drops and add them to regular monster loot tables. Please have a look at this document in order to find out what monsters are affected and how their drop tables have changed.
    • Due to our WoE setup, many items which only appear in certain treasure boxes would be unavailable for months on end due to how the realms rotate with each season. We thought this to be unfair. As such, we decided to redistribute said items and add them as monster loot instead.