Stat and Skill Changes

Our aim is to provide an experience as close to what you're used to from "back in the days". However, many aspects of the game suffer from bad design on Gravity's part, not to mention the fact that some classes are woefully underpowered compared to others.
We have made efforts to even the playing field while staying as true to the spirit of the good old Ragnarok as possible, as you can see below. Please note that, due to the changes made to some of the skill trees, you should use our own skill simulator!

This page will undergo restructuring soon as it has grown too large in size.

Stats and Status Effects


  • Mastery ATK from LUK is equal to LUK + (LUK / 10) ^ 2 - 1.
    • It is worth noting that the unique interaction with Grand Cross only applies to Mastery ATK derived from passive skills, and thus LUK GC will not be a thing.
  • Mastery ATK has been added to the list of things increased by Berserk, EDP, Overthrust, and Maximum Overthrust. This has been done in a location that mitigates any outlandish exponential spiraling, but should allow these characters to utilize LUK after transcending, rather than having it once again become the incorrect choice, rather than just a choice.

DEF + Flee

  • 'Swarm' penalties now apply to monsters as well as players, so each unit that is auto attacking a monster beyond the second will begin to reduce its Flee, Hard DEF, and Soft DEF.


  • Katar Critical doubling is now displayed on the character sheet.

Critical Wounds

  • Changed to reduce HP and SP recovery from all skills and items, not just specific ones.
    • When applied by a player, item recovery is not reduced.
    • Does not affect natural HP and SP recovery or skills which produce periodic additional regen ticks like Improved HP Recovery or Improved SP Recovery.

Fixate Effects (Provoke, Mind Breaker, Steal Coin, Raid, Backstab, Revenge)

  • Any effect which forces monsters to fixate on another target will last for 30 seconds, and end immediately if the character who produced the effect logs out.
  • Now persists through Stun, but no other fully incapacitating effects.

Poison + Deadly Poison

  • Changed damage, duration, and resistance to be consistent for both monsters and players.
    • Note: This results in no change for players, and a substantial increase in effectiveness when used against monsters.


Weapon Mastery Skills

  • Any of these skills which provide +3 per Skill Level have been increased to +4 per Skill Level in order to be consistent with the others.
  • All of these skills now grant +1 Critical per Skill Level while equipped with the associated weapon, or +2 Critical if that weapon occupies both hands (Except Katar, which remains +1 due to its special power).

General Area Skill Display

  • Corrected the following skills so that they only display the main effect animation on the primary target, rather than on every single target that is damaged. Some of these skills have been given different effects for secondary targets where appropriate.
    • Brandish Spear, Bowling Bash, Spear Stab, Fire Ball, Napalm Beat, Cart Revolution, Grimtooth, Grand Cross

Angelus, Signum Crusis, Assumptio, Soul Link, Kaahi, Over Thrust, Weapon Perfection, Adrenaline Rush, Advanced Adrenaline Rush

  • These skills no longer save on logout, and their effects automatically end on all affected targets if the caster logs out.

Swordman Class


Bowling Bash

  • Gutterlines have been removed, but monsters are knocked in slightly inconsistent directions, causing the need to frequently reposition in order to retain maximum effectiveness.

Spear Stab

  • The base knockback has been reduced to 5 cells and for every odd-numbered skill level it has been increased by 1.

One Hand Quicken

  • Due to the changes made to Soul Linkers, this was turned into a Platinum Skill for Knights with Sword Mastery 10 and Two-Hand Quicken 10 as its prerequisites. The NPC can be found west of Prontera.

Lord Knight


  • Changed so it no longer fully heals the Lord Knight upon use, and instead heals for an amount equal to 2 times current HP. This will place the new HP total in the same relative position as it was before Berserk was activated.
  • Removed the Natural HP/SP Recovery penalty when Berserk expires.



  • Targets of Devotion no longer display damage or have client-sided flinching.
  • Auto Guard now displays a block on both the Devotion target and the Crusader if a Devotion target blocks an attack.
  • Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, Endure, and Defender now display their respective buff animations on all affected targets when they are toggled on.
  • Newly devoted targets will display all animations for each buff they are having transferred to them upon application (but not on recast while Devotion is still active).
  • Devoted characters affected by Auto Guard, Defender, and Reflect Shield will no longer lose these buffs when unequipping a Shield.

Grand Cross

  • Sword/Spear Mastery and Demon Bane are considered normal ATK for Grand Cross (against applicable targets and with applicable weapons), despite being Mastery ATK for all other purposes. This means that the damage provided by Sword/Spear Mastery and Demon Bane is added before the damage multipliers instead of afterwards. Hunter Fly Cards also work with Grand Cross.
    • Important - this is not a custom change! It is how our emulator works and is, in fact, standard fanfare on most emulators nowadays. We felt it was necessary to mention it to avoid misunderstandings and ensure players are properly informed about how the skill works.

Holy Cross

  • Applies an equal level of the Signum Crucis debuff to the affected target if it is Undead or Demon.


  • Changed its position in the Crusader tree to only require Faith 3.

Reflect Shield

  • Can now be toggled off like all other shield buffs.

Spear Quicken

  • Also applies to One-Handed Spears.



  • The Blessing and Increase Agility effects will no longer replace other versions of Blessing and Increase Agility.
  • The Holy Weapon effect will not apply if a different temporary weapon enchant is active.
  • The Holy Armor effect will not apply if the target's element is anything other than Neutral.
    • Note: This does not weigh Gospel in favor of other buffs. It just means that the buff in question will fail to apply when it rolls.

Merchant Class


Axe Mastery

  • This was moved out of the Alchemist and into the Merchant skill tree with no prerequisites.


  • Reduces the Zeny cost of Mammonite and Cart Termination by an amount equal to the reduction in NPC vendor prices that it provides.

Inflation (custom merchant skill)

  • Max Level: 5
  • Requirements: Mammonite 10
  • Type: Active/Self
  • Cost: 15 SP
  • Additional Cost: 400z per Skill Level
  • Cast time: 0.5 Seconds
  • Cast Delay: 2 Seconds
  • Skill Description: When used, all non-boss monsters in a 9x9 area around the Merchant receive a permanent debuff that increases their Base and Job EXP rewards by 10% per Skill Level. This does not stack with Mr. Kim a Rich Man. Taps all monsters within the effect area, even those it does not affect.
    • When the original user of the skill leaves the map or logs out, the debuff deactivates. It will reactivate once the original user returns to the map/logs back in (same treatment as Lex Aterna).
    • Using Inflation on your merchant class and then logging onto a different character from the same account on the same map does not count as the original user returning.
    • Autotrading merchant classes cannot benefit from Inflation (they will not receive any exp in the first place).


Acid Terror

  • Changed to deal 200%->1000% MATK Poison Element Physical damage.
  • Now ignores all DEF, not just Hard DEF.
  • Remove the aftercast delay.
  • Damage is now equal to 140% MATK per skill level.

Bio Cannibalize

  • Bio Cannibalize summons the following new plant list:
    • [ Lv1 ]: Up to 5 Stem Worms
    • [ Lv2 ]: Up to 4 Parasites
    • [ Lv3 ]: Up to 3 Wooden Golems
    • [ Lv4 ]: Up to 2 Geographers
    • [ Lv5 ]: Up to 1 Muscipular
  • Reagent cost changed for the first 3 levels:
    • [ Lv1 ]: 1 Tough Stemlike Scale
    • [ Lv2 ]: 1 Sprout
    • [ Lv3 ]: 1 Wooden Heart
  • 3 usable items which are not consumed upon use:
    • War Pollen: Causes all plants to become aggressive. Unhides all hidden plants.
    • Peace Pollen: Causes all plants to become passive. Unhides all hidden plants.
    • Escape Pollen: Causes all plants to hide.
  • Plants will attempt to switch to a target if the owner uses any targeted skill with a cast time against that target, even if that skill fails (e.g. Acid Terror with no bottle).

Chemical Protection

  • The effects are now canceled when unequipping or swapping gear in a protected slot.
    • Note: Weapon protection will only cancel when the main hand weapon is swapped or unequipped, and helm protection will only cancel when a headgear that includes the upper headgear slot is swapped or unequipped.


  • Changed to deal 120%->200% MATK Fire Element Physical damage each second.
  • Increased the effect area to 5x5.
  • Changed so that it can be placed beneath targets.
  • Changed so it cannot be placed on top of another Demonstration.
  • Changed so that it ignores Flee and DEF.
  • Changed so that ticks always counts as short-ranged attacks.

Learning Potion

  • Increases the MATK bonus of Acid Terror by 30% per Skill Level, allowing it to reach the previously-stated 1000% if all 15 points are invested.

Prepare Potion

  • Changed to a Passive.
    • Medicine Bowls (and Mini Furnaces for Blacksmiths) are usable items used to craft. More information to be found on the Item Changes page.

Potion Pitcher

  • Removed the Party/Guild requirement.


Acid Demonstration

  • Changed the cast time to a 0.75 second fixed cast time.
  • Removed the aftercast delay.
  • Removed the chance to break Weapon and Armor.


Hilt Binding

  • Removed the duration increases to Blacksmith party buffs.
  • Added an effect that prevents the Blacksmith's weapon from being stripped.

Maximize Power

  • Added an effect that fully activates any card or equipment bonus that is normally gated by refinement.
    • Note: This applies on a per-effect basis, so for an item like Variant Shoes, the Blacksmith will gain the +20% HP/SP as if the shoes were +0, and the +5 DEF bonus as if the shoes were +10.


  • Mastery ATK is now multiplied by Overthrust.
  • Reduced weapon break chance from 0.1% -> 0.05%.
  • This skill now increases the auto attack range of all affected characters to 4 as long as their range is less than 4.

Repair Weapon

  • Reduced the cost to 1 Iron regardless of the equipment type.
  • Reduced the cast time from 7.5 -> 3 seconds.

Weapon Perfection

  • Added an effect that increases the Max MATK (Safe upgrade) and Weapon Attack (Overupgrade) bonuses of all affected character's weapons by 20->100%.


Maximum Overthrust

  • Changed to a passive that increases the casting character's benefit from Overthrust by +15% per Skill Level, up to a maximum of the original skill's +100%.

Archer Class


Ankle Snare (WoE only)

  • On castle maps, Ankle Snares will immediately stop a player if they step on it and Monks will not be able to use their Snap/Body Relocation skill to move away after triggering an Ankle Snare.

Beast Bane

  • The effectiveness of Beast Bane is increased by 10% of the Hunter's STR as bonus Mastery ATK per skill level.
    • This is part of the upcoming change to the Hunter Spirit.

Beast Strafing

  • Due to the changes made to Soul Linkers, this was turned into a Platinum Skill for Hunters with Beast Bane 10 and Double Strafe 10 as its prerequisites. The NPC can be found East of Payon.

Blitz Beat

  • Removed the split damage from Auto Blitz Beat.

Claymore Trap + Blast Mine

  • Damage is no longer split between affected targets.


  • Increased the effect area from 3x3 -> 11x11.
  • Increased the duration from 19 -> 30 seconds.

Freezing Trap

  • Increased the effect area from 3x3 -> 5x5.
  • Changed the success chance to 40% plus 10% per Skill Level.
  • Increased the duration to 15 seconds at all Skill Levels.

Remove Trap

  • Monster traps can now be removed, but do not award a trap.


Sharp Shooting

  • Sharp Shooting now has a 0.75 second cooldown.

Bard and Dancer

Bard/Dancer Ensemble Skills

  • Once the AFK-timer kicks in for a Bard or Dancer, they automatically become ineligible for ensemble skills until they perform an action to disable the AFK-timer again.
  • Can now be initiated while within 4 cells of a valid partner, except for Moonlit Water Mill which remains 1 cell due to the way the skill works.
  • Now automatically end if either partner exits the effect area.


  • Added Perfect Hit that scales with the Dancer's LUK and Dancing Lesson to mirror how Bard's A Whistle works with their own stats and skills.

Into the Abyss

  • While under the effect of Into the Abyss, the amount of items Alchemists and Blacksmiths attempt to craft at once are increased by 1 (this does not reduce the cost of production, it simply saves time by allowing faster crafting).


  • Increased the Sleep chance from 15% -> 90% every 6 seconds.

Ring of Nibelungen

  • Changed its effect to increase Min MATK by an amount equal to 40->100% of the difference between Min MATK and Max MATK.

Clown and Gypsy

Marionette Control

  • Changed to a support skill in the client, causing it to prioritize allies and no longer require shift clicking in order to select a friendly target.

Moonlit Watermill

  • Has been reduced to 1 level only.
  • Increased the duration to 30 seconds so it matches the sound byte.
  • SP cost increased to 50.
  • Upkeep cost increased to 12 SP every 10 seconds.

Tarot Card of Fate

  • The Lovers card now heals both the caster and the target for 9999 instead of teleporting the target. This is to reduce uncounterable teleport competition/griefing and to allow this skills powerful debuffs to actually be used instead of never being worth it because of the unavoidable risk of teleportation. The concept of a drawback is loosely preserved by giving it a very large heal.
  • The Wheel of Fortune card now displays above the caster so that it is possible to know that it happened.

Wand of Hermod

  • Can now be used on any map.
  • Changed the SP cost to 40 at all Skill Levels.
  • Changed the duration to 30 seconds at all Skill Levels to match the sound byte.
  • Changed to only affect allies and the caster.
  • Added a 20% chance per Skill Level to not remove all buffs from affected characters upon application.
  • Changed the penalty so that the caster can still use skills, but movement is impossible
    • Longing for Freedom is still required in order to use skills other than Adaptation to Circumstances and Musical Strike / Throw Arrow.

Thief Class



  • It is impossible to use specific levels of Steal and DEX in order to achieve what is known as "Zero Steal". We consider this to be an exploit and do not intend to reintroduce it at any point.
  • Not a direct change to the skill but still noteworthy: when the Steal skill is used on a monster that has already been stolen from, the /x emote will appear. This will potentially prevent you from wasting lots of SP!



  • Added the Critical Wounds effect, causing all healing from skills to be reduced by 20% starting at level 2, and increasing by 20% for every 2 Skill Levels beyond that.
  • Will now cause monsters to fixate on their target as long as that target is not the caster.

Double Attack

  • Upon becoming a Rogue, this skill now allows 10% of Mastery Attack per Skill Level to apply to Double Attacks.

Gangster's Paradise

  • This skill no longer requires a second person, and its effects can be shared with any sitting player within 1 cell of the user, not just other Rogues who know the skill. This was a dead skill point. Logging out still exists as a way to safe AFK, and anybody that would opportunistically sit next to a Rogue for safety is doing so at their own risk.


  • Blessing, Increase Agility, and Auto Counter are eligible to be copied.
    • Note: While a character is afflicted with the "Change Undead" status, Blessing and Increase Agility deal 1 damage instead of applying their effects. This is the condition in which these two skills can be copied.
  • Rogues cannot copy skills they cannot use, for instance Sonic Blow (requires a katar) or Pierce (rerquires a spear).


  • Increased the area to 5x5.
  • Removed the Stun and Blind chances.
  • Changed so that when hitting a monster, as long as its attention is focused on a character other than the Rogue, that monster will become fixated on its target as if by the Provoke skill. This taunting effect lasts for 30 seconds or until the Rogue logs out.
  • Changed so that a Steal attempt is made against every monster that is damaged by Raid. The Skill Level of the Steal is equal to that of Raid, but never higher than the Rogue's known level of Steal.
  • Added a 5 minute debuff upon login that prevents Raid from stealing.

Skill Tree Adjustment


Chase Walk

  • Reduced the movement speed penalty to 28->0%.
  • Increased the duration of the STR bonus to 5 minutes.


Assassin Spirit

  • Changed the damage bonus to stack additively with Enchant Deadly Poison, rather than multiplying (400% -> 500%, instead of 400% -> 800%).

Enchant Poison

  • Removed the Party/Guild requirement.
  • Enchant Poison is no longer able to overwrite weapon enchants cast by Sages (Endows), but still takes priority over Elemental Converters.

Assassin Cross

Enchant Deadly Poison

  • Mastery ATK is now multiplied by Enchant Deadly Poison.

Meteor Assault

  • Changed the prerequisites to Soul Breaker 1 and Venom Splasher 1 only.
  • No longer draws the attention of monsters that are currently attacking another target.
  • Change so that it ignores Flee.
  • Increased the area to 7x7 at levels 5 and higher.
  • Changed the Stun chance to a Curse chance and the Bleeding chance to a Confusion chance.
  • Changed so it attempts to apply all 3 status effects at once instead of picking a random one each time.
  • Changed the status effects' durations to 6 seconds, scaling up to 60 seconds at level 10.
  • Instantly detonates any Venom Splasher that is applied to any target that it hits.

Soul Breaker

  • Range increased to 10 cells.

Mage Class



  • This skill is now able to damage Ice Walls.

Napalm Beat

  • Removed the split damage.


  • Moved out of Wizard and Sage and put in Mage.



  • Changed the prerequisites to Free Cast 10 and Auto Spell 10..
  • Added Free Cast 10 as a prerequisite.
  • Changed so that while Auto Spell is active, the gemstone cost is entirely negated, but so too is the chance to trigger any Abracadabra-specific effects.
  • Added a 1 second cooldown.
  • Hunter traps produced through Abracadabra no longer expire into re-collectable Traps, nor do they award a Trap when using Remove Trap on them.
  • Adrenaline Rush now ignores its normal weapon requirements for the caster (but not for allies), just like how Spear Quicken and Two Hand Quicken do when cast through Abracadabra.
  • Power Maximize now has a 60-second duration when cast through Abracadabra.
  • Play Dead now has a 15-second duration when cast through Abracadabra.
  • MVPs cannot be tamed with Beastly Hypnosis.

Auto Spell

  • Spells cast through Auto Spell are always equal in Skill Level to half of Auto Spells Skill Level rounded down, unless the known Skill Level of the spell being cast is lower than that.
  • Soul Strike casts at an equal Skill Level to Auto Spell, so that it launches what feels like an appropriate amount of bolts compared to the other spells. Soul Link may allow it to go to 10 Souls, but that will be decided closer to the release of Soul Linker.

Deluge/Volcano/Violent Gale

  • Removed the need to be holding a Yellow Gemstone in order to cast these spells while affected by the 5-minute no gemstone cost buff.
  • Can now be placed on top of all other skill units except for other Sage land skills. This will allow you to place land skills on top of songs without having to first cancel those songs.
  • Reduced the cast time from 5 -> 2 seconds at all skill levels.

Endow Blaze/Tornado/Tsunami/Quake

  • Removed the Party/Guild requirement.
  • Weapons no longer have a chance to break when an Endow skill fails.

Free Cast

  • Changed so that casting spells does not interrupt autoattacks.

Land Protector

  • No longer blocks or destroys ensemble skills, as they are still music.

Quagmire (new)

  • Added to Sage with Heaven's Drive 1 as its prerequisite.


Mind Break

  • Reduced the MATK increase from 20/40/60/80/100% -> 6/12/18/24/30%.
  • The Soft MDEF reduction now also applies to Hard MDEF.

Soul Change

  • Changed to a support skill in the client, causing it to prioritize allies and no longer require shift-clicking in order to select a friendly target.

Spider Web

  • Removed the Flee penalty to compensate for access to Quagmire and to reduce some of Gravitys absolute overkill when it came to penalizing and trivializing Flee as a mechanic in all forms of gameplay.


Fire Pillar

  • Removed the Gemstone cost.

Frost Nova

  • Increased the area to 9x9 at level 1, 11x11 at level 2, 13x13 at level 4, 15x15 at level 6, 17x17 at level 8, and 19x19 at level 10.
  • Reduced the cast time from 6-4 -> 3-1 seconds.
  • Frost Nova now heals any Ice Wall units in its effect area to full HP.
    • After 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Ice Walls visual expires for anyone who has had it on screen for the full amount of time. This cannot be fixed as far as we know, but their visibility can be restored for another 2 minutes and 40 seconds simply by walking off-screen of the invisible walls and then back into view. For now, this will be left as it is, because the ability to indefinitely preserve a specific Ice Wall structure is a significant component of this design, even if it ends up being a little ugly for the time being.
  • The freeze has been set to the max level duration of 15 seconds at all skill levels.

High Wizard

Gravitation Field

  • Reduced the cast time to 1 second at all levels.
  • Reduced the duration to 4 seconds to match the animation.
  • The number of ticks has been set to 9 at all levels.

Soul Drain

  • Added up to 15% Hard MDEF ignore to all spells.

Acolyte Class



  • Now increases the threshold at which DEF/VIT penalties begin to be applied at levels 2, 6, and 10.
  • Now increases the threshold at which Flee penalties begin to be applied at levels 4 and 8.


  • In addition to its normal functions, Cure now also removes the Hallucination (screen flip) effect.

Warp Portal

  • You can set memos on most field maps excluding those with MVP spawns: gef_fild02, gef_fild10, gef_fild14, mjolnir_04, moc_fild17, pay_fild11, xmas_fild01.


Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacramenti

  • Reduced the number of required helpers from 2 -> 1.
  • Helpers are no longer able to be hostile, sitting, or fully incapacitated, but are also no longer required to be in a horizontal line and facing south.
  • The animation delay inherits the caster's ASPD when damaging Undead and Demon targets, just like Heal.


  • Removed Kyrie Eleison as a prerequisite.

Lex Aeterna

  • Once cast, the Lex Aeterna debuff becomes inactive when the Priest who cast it is not on the same map or logged out.

Magnus Exorcismus

  • Removed Safety Wall 1 and its prerequisites as requirements.

Slow Poison

  • Increased the duration from 10/20/30/40 -> 30/50/70/90 seconds.
  • Added a 20/30/40/50% reduction to Poison Element damage taken.
  • Added a 20/30/40/50% reduction to all damage taken from targets affected by Enchant Deadly Poison.
  • Now enables affected non-Assassin Cross characters to drink Deadly Poison to gain the ASPD bonus without dying.

High Priest


  • Reduced to 1 skill level.
  • Changed to use the Cast Time, SP Cost and Skill Delay of the original level 5.
  • Changed the cast time to be fixed.
  • Changed the prerequisites to Assumptio 5 and Sanctuary 1.
  • Removed the Yellow and Red Gemstone cost.
  • Removed the "invulnerability" and non-Boss monster ignore.
  • Changed to only affect allies.
  • Changed the clearance requirements so walls count, but players and monsters do not.
  • Now mimics the High Priest's highest known level of Sanctuary, but without the target limit.
  • For each buff that the High Priest has mastered, all allies who enter Basilica now gain their effects:
    • Blessing
    • Increase Agility
    • Angelus
    • Magnificat
    • Impositio Manus
    • Gloria
    • Assumptio

Mana Recharge

  • Removed Mace Mastery 10 as a prerequisite.


Asura Strike

  • Removed Finger Offensive as prerequisite.
  • Removed as a prerequisite for Body Relocation.

Absorb Spirits

  • Absorb Spirits now acts like an offensive skill rather than a support skill. This means you no longer have to press shift when using it on enemies, thus preventing accidental movement in some cases.

Body Relocation

  • Added Finger Offensive 3 as a direct prerequisite.

Call Spirits + Absorb Spirits + Zen

  • Cast time cannot be reduced below 0.2 seconds.
    • Note: Because these skills were modified very early on to have absolutely zero aftercast delay, it means that without some kind of throttling their input frequency can become completely unlimited, which can cause several problems on our end. This solution has been implemented in favor of gameplay responsiveness compared to alternatives (e.g. adding tiny amounts of delay, which is far more affected by latency than cast times are).

Explosion Spirits

  • Added a +2/4/6/8/10% chance to trigger Triple Attack.
  • Added a -10/20/30/40/50% reduction to the SP cost of Chain Combo, Combo Finish, Tiger Knuckle Fist, and Chain Crush Combo.

Ki Translation

  • Added a fail message.
  • Removed the Party requirements.
  • No longer consumes Spirit Spheres when it fails.

Spirits Recovery

  • Removed the sitting recovery ticks.
  • Added +5/10/15/20/25 to each Natural HP Recovery tick.
  • Added +1/2/3/4/5 to each Natural SP Recovery tick.
  • Enabled 20/40/60/80/100% of Natural HP and SP Recovery to continue while overweight.

Triple Attack

  • Now creates a special window in which Chain Combo may be used even if another combo is already underway, but utilizing this window will immediately end any other ongoing combo.


Chain Crush Combo

  • Reduced to 5 levels.
  • Damage is now equal to 400% ATK plus 200% ATK per Skill Level.

Taekwon Class

Taekwon/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator

  • The Taekwon Class as a whole has received an extensive rework. You can see all the details in the 29.02.2024 patch notes for now. Once this page has been reworked, everything will be displayed here as well. Apologies for the temporary inconvenience.
  • If you are interested in more in-depth explanations and our developer's thoughts behins this rework, please check this document.



  • Any skill that directly interacts or attempts to interact with a monster - this means dealing damage or applying a buff/debuff - has been modified to count as a tap.
  • The only exception is the Bard/Dancer ensemble skill Mr. Kim A Rich Man. This is to further encourage the performing Bards/Dancers to play actively.

Polymorph (via Hylozoist Card or Azoth)

  • Monsters polymorphed by players using the Hylozoist Card or Azoth will spawn in aggro mode, which they never lose.
  • The movement speed of monsters polymorphed in this way is retained, meaning if Monster A is polymorphed into Monster B, it still has Monster A's movement speed but otherwise behaves as Monster B with the exception of its permanent aggro state.
  • Please note that this change only applies to polymorph effects from player sources, not monsters. You will not see, for instance, a Pupa that evolves into a very slow, aggressive Creamy.

Autocast (note, not the Sage skill!)

  • Autocasts for "toggle" style skills will no longer trigger if the target is already affected by that skill. Notable examples include:
    • Auto Guard (Clock Card)
    • Stone Curse (Mysteltainn)
    • Lex Divina (Margaretha Sorin Card, when it's released)
  • Sonic Blow no longer stops autoattack.