Map Changes

All maps on Ragnagoats are in their final, pre-renewal forms (same as you can find on RMS). There are, however, changes that have been made in order to revitalise old and unused spaces which are detailed below:


  • Removed all Arclouzes.
  • Added 60 Stem Worms.
  • Added 10 Iron Fists.
    • This map sees little to no traffic at all, which is a shame. As such, we decided to restore it to how it was in earlier episodes, with a few tweaks.


  • Removed all Arclouzes.
  • Added 30 Iron Fist
    • It is our opinion that the removal of Iron Fists and the addition of Arclouzes made this map a less viable spot to play and did not provide enough positive changes in return. As such, we have 'reverted' this change, which will remain as such indefinitely.


  • Increased The Paper 1 -> 15.
  • Removed the Respawn timers of Poison Toad, Firelock Soldier, Miyabi Doll, and The Paper.


  • Removed the Respawn timers of Shinobi and Tengu.


  • Increased the number of Elder's from 2 to 15 and they now spawn instantly.
    • Elders are notoriously difficult to farm due to how rare they are. This is all well and good, but we are of the opinion that having only two is a little too extreme.


  • Aster 5 -> 25.
  • Crab 5 -> 25.
  • Shellfish 5 -> 25.
  • All of the above made global with no timer.


  • Removed all Mantis.
  • Axe Kobold 20 -> 30.
  • Sky Petite 50 -> 45
  • Added 45 Earth Petite.


  • Added 25 Familiar.
  • Added 15 Poison Spore.
  • Removed 30 Hunter Fly.
    • This change - the removal of Hunter Flies - has been repeatedly requested by the players. We decided to move them to an underutilised Payon map instead, as seen below.

in_sphinx4 and in_sphinx5

  • Removed all Anubis.
  • Added an equal amount of Pasanas in the Anubis' place.
    • We believe that Anubis should not be available pre-rebirth. This change will remain in place until at least episode 9, at which point we will reevaluate.


  • Removed all Grizzlys.
  • Removed all Sidewinders.
  • Removed Leib Omai.
  • Increased Mi Gao 15 -> 25.
  • Increased Anacondaq 0 -> 15.
  • Increased Gajomart 0 -> 7.
  • Removed respawn timers on Jing Guai and made all 45 of them global.


  • Increased Munak 25 -> 55.
  • Increased Yao Jun 40 -> 55.
  • Increased Zhu Po Long 5 -> 15.
  • Removed respawn timers on Yao Jun, Zhu Po Long, and Green Maiden.


  • Increased Munak 25 -> 55.
  • Increased Yao Jun 40 -> 55.
  • Increased Zhu Po Long 5 -> 15.
  • Removed respawn timers on Yao Jun, Zhu Po Long, and Green Maiden.


  • Mantis 60 -> 80.
  • Added 40 Hornet.


  • Removed all Earth Petites.
  • Flora 30 -> 20.
  • Argos 60 -> 80.
  • Added 25 Male Thief Bugs.
  • Added 45 Stainers.


  • Added 70 Poison Toad.
  • Added 20 Green Plant.
  • Added 6 Red Plant.
  • Added 4 Yellow Plant.
  • Added 3 Red Mushroom.
  • Increased Stem Worm 20 -> 30.


  • Increased Ancient Mummy from 3 to 25.
    • At some point Gravity saw it fit to reduce the number of Ancient Mummy on this map from 25 to 3 without any additional modifications to other spawns. We believe this was an overreaction in response to the exploitability of the Amon Ra map. However, unlike the Amon Ra map's original spawn configuration, moc_pryd04 is extremely large and has no practical way to take advantage of Ancient Mummy in the same way as its moc_pryd06 counterpart was famous for.


  • Added 40 Hunter Fly.
  • Added 9 Dragon Tail.
  • Added 3 Blue Plany.
  • Added 1 Shining Plant.
  • Removed 15 Poison Spore.
    • This is the other side of the coin regarding the change of gef_dun00. The Hunter Flies have a new home and the map was adjusted according to its new denizens.


  • Removed all Poporings.
  • Increased Hornet 0 -> 25.
  • Increased Sasquatch 1 -> 5.
  • Increased Zipper Bear 0 -> 5.
  • Increased Grizzly 0 -> 10.
  • Removed respawn timers on Leib Omai and Sasquatch.

All Umbala maps

  • All global spawn Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Shining Plants have had their respawn timers removed.


  • Wootan Fighter 50 -> 80.


  • Beetle King 50 -> 60.
  • Wootan Shooter 10 -> 30.
  • Yoyo 0 -> 20.
  • Normalised monster respawn timers.


  • Wootan Shooter 10 -> 40.
  • Shining Plant 0 -> 3.


  • Wooden Golem 82 -> 90.
  • Driller 5 -> 35.
  • Dryad 25 -> 35.
  • Wooden Golem and Wootan Shooter static spawns removed, added to global.

xmas_fild01 , xmas_dun01 and xmas_dun02

  • Added 1 Antonio.
    • We believe that locking some cards behind a specific event, otherwise only to be obtained via an Old Card Album, does not make any sense. Antonio will maintain a small presence in all Xmas-themed maps, until he once again can roam the world freely during the holidays.


  • Added 10 Santa Porings.
    • As with Antonio, placing some of these holiday monsters with real, important cards in the world, is to loosen an otherwise very restrictive game element that exists in no other part of the game.


  • Added 30 Santa Porings.

yuno_fild02 , yuno_fild03 and yuno_fild04

  • Merged pre-episode 9 and episode 9 spawns and brought back popular monsters such as Goat and Sleeper.
  • Please check the links above to see exactly what monsters spawn and what their respawn timers are.
    • This change was made due to a player suggestion which received a lot of attention and approval. Upon internal discussion, this is the solution we compromised on and believe brings back the best of both worlds.

Guild Dungeons

  • Removed the Guild Dungeon entrances from WoE castles and instead made them publicly available by implementing mini quests in related dungeons to allow anyone to enter them.
  • Normal GD rules are enabled in these dungeons except for the following: Ice Wall does not work and the GvG Flee penalty has been removed, so be careful!
    • Due to the fact that we only have one castle of one realm per 3-month WoE season open, access to guild dungeons is extremely limited and, in some cases, they are not accessible for three quarters of the year, which we deemed unfair and illogical. As such, we made regular Guild Dungeons openly accessible and decided to award the guild that holds a castle access to a custom alternative.

  • Guild Dungeon Hints:
    • The Prontera Guild Dungeon can now be found in the depths of the Labyrinth Forest. Look for the Strange Growth plants for clues!
    • The Payon Guild Dungeon entrance is located deep down in Payon Cave.
    • In order to enter the Geffen Guild Dungeon, one must descend down to the bottom of what lies below the Geffen Tower.
    • Lastly, luck is key if you want to end up inside the Aldebaran Guild Dungeon have a look inside the Clock Tower!