WoE on Ragnagoats is currently on break! The next WoE will take place on the 8th of August 2024, marking the beginning of Season 3 of 2024. If you wish to ensure that your guild has a say in how WoE is shaped on Ragnagoats, please ensure your guild selects a WoE Representative and that said representative has access to the WoE discussion channel on our Discord.


On Ragnagoats, War of Emperium is normally separated into four 11 week seasons separated by 2 weeks break time. However, due to the launch of the Core Mechanics Changes in mid January, the WoE Representatives decided to push WoE back two months to allow everyone to adjust. The seasons have been shortened to 9 weeks as a result for the remainder of the year.
With each new season, a new realm and castles are selected. Season 3's realm is Al De Baran and all castles will be available for capture!

WoE Schedule 2024 (click to view)

Day Time Duration Realm Castle
Saturday 7pm server time 1 hour Al De Baran All


As with there only being one castle open at a time, Ragnagoats War of Emperium also has a number mechanical and item adjustments:

No guildless characters On Ragnagoats, only those who are members of a guild with the Guild Approval skill can enter castles during WoE.
No Transcendend or Taekwon classes Characters that have gone through Rebirth are no longer able to enter castles during WoE. There is, however, a Shadow Character system in place which allows Transcendend characters to revert back to their 99/50 selves for WoE. Check below for more info!

Taekwon, Soul Linkers, and Star Gladiators are also not able to enter castles right now.
No Mini Boss or MVP Cards The WoE Representatives have unanimously voted to disable Mini Boss and MVP cards for the time being as a test. We will monitor the situation closely and stay in contact with our WoE guilds throughout the season.
No Costumes or Pets in castles Upon entering a castle during War of Emperium, all costumes are taken off and pets return to their eggs automatically. Neither costumes nor pets can be re-equipped or re-summoned whilst inside a castle.
No Alliances Guilds will not be able to set each other as allies for the purpose of evading friendly fire during WoE.
Friendly Fire Skills Allies will trigger Hunter traps set by Guild members, and Quagmire affects your allies as well.
Adjusted Trap Behavior In WoE, Ankle Snares will immediately stop a player if they step on it and Monks will not be able to use their Snap/Body Relocation skill to move away after triggering an Ankle Snare.
Adjusted Emperium The Emperium's DEF is reduced from 40+80 to 40+0.
Adjusted Treasure Boxes Treasure Box drops have been adjusted and redistributed to prevent certain items being locked away for months at a time due to realms rotating with each season.
Please check this document for a detailed list of the redistributed drops.

There is now one unique treasure box for each of the five castles in a realm, four of them sharing a similar setup as the armor, shield, garment and shoe treasure boxes respectively, and the final one being the odd one out with its less reliable slotted accessories and diamond gambling fodder. Exact contents may be subject to changes, especially in regards to making sure they're all reasonably desirable, though for obvious reasons it's not realistically possible to make them 100% equal in value.
For detailed information regarding the treasure box contents, please check below.

Lastly, there will be no God Items available from Treasure Boxes, nor will there be any other means to obtain them for now.
No investment economy The ability to invest zeny to get increased returns on treasure was removed for now, in the interest of not further encouraging bunkering down in one castle. To get more rewards, guilds will need to hold more castles.
WoE Warper Given our low population at the moment and after considering feedback from the WoE Representatives, we agreed to provide WoE Warper NPCs at requested locations. These warpers will teleport you to the castle map, though not directly in front of the castles, for a zeny fee.
These NPCs are subject to change depending on the server's population as well as the number of guilds and players participating in WoE.
Capture the Trove On Ragnagoats, there is more to WoE than just capturing the emperium - you can also claim the Trove for your guild which will unlock further rewards for the guild holding the Trove castle at the end of WoE. This is a 'capture the flag' game.
For more information on how Capture the Trove works, please check below.


It is our opinion that allowing Trans classes in WoE is detrimental at this point as Trans WoE is not only disliked by many but it is also inherently imbalanced, especially given our current population. We have, as such, come to the decision to bar them from entering First Edition castles.

But wait! There is more! We have come up with a system that allows players to take their reborn characters back into castles, but there's a twist - they will revert back to their pre-Rebirth 99/50 selves!

How does all of this work you may wonder - below you can find a comprehensive explanation, though if you still have questions or comments, head over to our Discord and let us know!

What is a Shadow Character?

Shadow Characters are copies of a reborn character's 99/50 pre-Rebirth self. When a 99/50 second class character visits the Valkyrie in order to go through the Rebirth process, their current self - stats and skills only! - gets saved for later use.

How do I change to my Shadow Character?

While this system is available at any time, Shadow Characters are restricted to towns, inns, the relevant maps where the castles are located (for example prt_gld) and the castles themselves (for example prtg_cas04). This decision was made to allow players to adequately prepare for WoE, giving them the chance to do so at their own pace, and because of certain classes that may require additional prep work before entering castles: Alchemists/Blacksmiths needing to stock their carts, Knights/Crusaders who want to get their mounts, and Hunters in need of their falcons.
When a Shadow Character enters any other map, they automatically revert to their original selves in the exact state they were before in terms of their class, stats, skills, experience and so on.

You may change to your Shadow Character by speaking to an NPC that can be found in every city that currently has an inn. This NPC will only interact with Transcendend classes (except High Novice) and Shadow Characters and will allow them to switch to their Shadow Character selves and back. The NPC will also provide cart/peco/falcon services but only to Shadow Characters (Creators/Whitesmiths, Lord Knights/Paladins, and Snipers who already had a cart/peco/falcon active upon switching to their Shadow Character selves will retain them.

What else do I need to know?

  • Transcendend classes are unable to enter First Edition castles. Taekwon/Star Gladiator/Soul Linker classes are also unable to enter at the moment, which will be reevaluated at a later time.
  • Transcendend-only equipment will be unequipped once you change into a Shadow Character, so make sure to prepare accordingly.
  • Any Transcendend skill, such as a High Priest's Assumptio, will be dispelled upon entering a First Edition castle.
  • The option to reset a Shadow Character's skills, if required, does exist, for example if we deem it appropriate in case your (Shadow) Character is affected by a skill change.


    There may be five castles in the realm... but there's only one Trove. Whoever is in control of the castle that holds the realm's Trove will receive additional rewards, and bragging rights to boot.

    At the beginning of a WoE season, the first castle in the realm to be captured will become the initial holder of the Trove, which is located in second-to-last room of each castle. The castle currently holding the Trove is marked with a blinking, yellow + icon on the mini map.

    Enemy players can attempt to take it from you, but it won't be enough to simply break it open - to steal the Trove, you'll have to leave the castle the same way you came, through the main entrance. Successfully leaving the castle with the Trove in your possession will move it to a random castle currently held by your guild.

    To try to steal the Trove, you must be a member of a guild that holds at least one castle in the realm. When the Trove is picked up, your attempted theft is announced and you will be visibly marked as the carrier in a way that cannot be hidden.

    While carrying the Trove, some restrictions apply. If any of these restrictions are broken, the Trove will return to its original position in the castle it was stolen from. These restrictions include:

    • Dying
    • Disconnecting
    • Leaving the map any other way than through the main entrance
    • Your guild no longer being in control of any castles
    • Using certain skills (Snap, Cloaking, Tunnel Drive)


    Unique TBs (unique to each castle in a realm) (2 per day)

    Treasure Box 1

    • 100% Speed Potion
    • 75% 3Carat Diamond
    • 30% Yggdrasil Seed
    • 25% Yggdrasil Berry
    • 8% Silk Robe[1]
    • 8% Formal Suit[1]
    • 8% Chain Mail[1]
    • 0.5% Glittering Jacket[1]

    Treasure Box 2

    • 100% Speed Potion
    • 75% 3Carat Diamond
    • 30% Yggdrasil Seed
    • 25% Yggdrasil Berry
    • 8% Guard[1]
    • 8% Buckler[1]
    • 8% Shield[1]
    • 0.5% Modified Holy Guard[1] *

    Treasure Box 3

    • 100% Speed Potion
    • 75% 3Carat Diamond
    • 30% Yggdrasil Seed
    • 25% Yggdrasil Berry
    • 8% Muffler[1]
    • 8% Manteau[1]
    • 8% Pauldron[1]
    • 0.5% Ancient Cape

    Treasure Box 4

    • 100% Speed Potion
    • 75% 3Carat Diamond
    • 30% Yggdrasil Seed
    • 25% Yggdrasil Berry
    • 8% Shoes[1]
    • 8% Boots[1]
    • 8% Greaves[1]
    • 0.5% High Heels

    Treasure Box 5

    • 100% 3Carat Diamond
    • 90% 3Carat Diamond
    • 80% 3Carat Diamond
    • 70% 3Carat Diamond
    • 0.25% Ring[1]
    • 0.25% Earring[1]
    • 0.25% Necklace[1]
    • 0.25% Rosary[1]

    * The modified Holy Guard deserves some special mention here as this would for all intents and purposes be a new item. It's new stats are as follows: 5 Def, 5 Mdef, 2 Vit, slotted, unrefinable. The original Holy Guard on Ratemyserver can be found here.

    Generic Box (all castles) (2 per day)

    • 100% Dead Branch
    • 95% Dead Branch
    • 90% Dead Branch
    • 85% Dead Branch
    • 80% Dead Branch
    • 75% Elunium
    • 10% Old Card Album
    • 0.02% Emblem of Sun God

    Special Box (Trove castle only) (1 per day)

    • 10% Union of Tribe
    • 5% Beret
    • 0.5% Feather Beret
    • 0.04% Emblem of Sun God
    • Further contents are currently still being assessed.