Server features


Are you tired of Pay To Win? On Ragnagoats, you do not have to spend any money in order to benefit from the fun and useful content you require Goat Points (GP) for as you gain this currency simply by playing the game. You can then use your GP to access a number of features, such as the Beauty Parlor (see below), changing your character's names, unlocking character slots as well as more storage space as well as the Guild storage!


On Ragnagoats, we have made an effort to enhance the existing pet system without changing it too much from what you might remember being the case for the current episode.

Pets do not give their stat bonuses until Episode 9. However, we did implement a system where, depending on the pet and its loyalty level, you will be able to command it to pick up loot for you!
We have also made changes to pet food/taming/accessory items and, to top it off, you have a lot more choice when it comes to pets!

IMPORTANT: The Revised Pet System is subject to change. Please check this page and our patch notes regularly. Changes will also be announced on our Discord.


On Ragnagoats, there is an entire building dedicated to changing and enhancing your character's appearance! Go visit the Beauty Parlour in the bottom left corner of Prontera to give your character a fabulous makeover!


In order to make levelling and farming more interesting, Ragnagoats offers two exciting features to spice things up a little: Race of the Day (ROTD) and Maps of the Day (MOTD)!

  • ROTD is chosen randomly among the available races (Undead, Brute, Demihuman, Fish, Formless, Insect, Plant, Dragon, and Demon) and rotates daily at 9am server time. Monsters that are affected by ROTD then give up to 15% more experience!

  • Similar to ROTD, MOTD changes daily at 9am server time, but instead of a monster race, it is a map that is chosen at random and subsequently benefits from this feature. Once affected, monsters on these maps also give 15% more experience (this does not stack with ROTD!) and drop special items that can be turned in for rewards!


The Settings NPC can be found in every town near the Kafra. Speaking to him will allow you to make adjustments to certain parts of the game which allows for a better, more customised way to play Ragnagoats. The following options are available:

  • Message Config - Lets you choose whether you see other people's global drop messages (your own will still be displayed regardless!) as well as whether pet chat messages are displayed.
  • Commands - Allows you to set commands such as @kc, @noask, @noks, @showexp and @rotd to be either active or inactive upon login.
  • Channels - Here you can decide what global channels (such as #main/party/trade etc as well as language channels) you want to join upon login. You are also able to change the chat colours to your liking here!
  • Drop Light Settings - Probably one of the most sought-after options is the ability to enable/disable as well as customise drop lights when monsters drop items. You can choose the colours as well as the threshold upon which the drop lights trigger!
  • Adjustments of results shown for certain commands - This includes @monsterinfo/mi, @iteminfo/ii, @whosells, and @whobuys.