NPC Changes

We believe that simple quality-of-life changes which do not infringe upon or affect gameplay are always worth considering to ensure that you have a better environment to play in. As such, there are some adjustments made to NPCs which are detailed below:

Christopher Guillenrow (Forging Materials NPC)

  • We have made adjustments so that you can choose the number of items you wish to buy from Christpher in Geffen.

Kachua (Comodo Diamond Exchange NPC)

  • Removed the Weapon table entirely and reworked the remaining lists based on a 1/500 commons table.
  • Changed all rare tables to the same chance to be hit as the Garment and Shield tables (3/500 chance, or 9,130,000 Zeny on average per rare).
  • Changed all rares on each rare table to have a uniform chance of being hit.
  • New tables (click to view)

Marx Hansen (Juice-Making Quest)

  • In order to craft juices via this quest, you will need Empty Potion Bottles, which you can purchase at the Mage Guild in Geffen, instead of regular Empty Bottles.

Oridecon/Elunium NPCs

  • All NPCs which allow you to turn Rough Oridecons and Rough Eluniums into Oridecons and Eluniums, such as Dietrich in Prontera, now have the option to turn all available rough materials you have in your inventory at the time (multiples of 5) into their complete versions.

Puchuchartan (Ore Downgrading Quest)

  • The amount of elemental stones you receive from splitting Flame Hearts, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind, and Great Nature via the Ore Downgrading quest has been reduced to 4 - 5 (originally 6 - 10) in order to prevent steep influx of zeny (and, as such, inflation).

Refinement NPCs

  • All NPCs which refine your gear, for example Hollgrehen in Prontera, now allow you to upgrade your gear to the maximum safe limit. They will, in the near future, also have an option that allows you to refine a piece of gear straight up to a level you designate (to a maximum of 10).
  • Refined weapons now benefit from increased MATK this is mentioned both here and in item changes).
    • Safe upgrades now add an amount of Maximum MATK.
    • Over upgrades now add an amount of Minimum MATK.
    • Bonuses are equal to the ATK bonuses for the weapon. That is to say, a level 1 weapon gains 2 Max MATK per upgrade, and 3 Min MATK per overupgrade.
    • Upgrade MATK occurs after any +% MATK bonus from equipment.

Seiyablem (Socket Enchant NPC)

  • The regular Socket Enchant NPCs are available on Ragnagoats. However, you can only put (additional) slots in items which can be bought from NPCs. This type of socketing is chance-based.
  • In addition to the above, we have implemented custom Socket Enchant NPCs that can be found on the Pharos Lighthouse map who will slot items which were crafted and/or are dropped from monsters. This type of socketing is fail-safe.
  • Both the standard and custom Socket Enchant NPCs have custom/updated lists of items and requirements. The system will receive it's own page on the website soon but until then, please refer to this news post.