We always believed that the cute pets in early episodes should get some more love. As such, the decision was made to let the pet system undergo a few changes which we hope you'll like! What's different, you may wonder? Have a look below to find out!

DISCLAIMER: Other than the changes mentioned on this page, the pet system operates the same as mentioned here.

Pet taming items, food, and armor

A big change is the revamp of the taming, food, and pet armor items.
Some items and the pets they are used for are familiar, but you will find that many have been custom-made. A number of pet items are acquired through different means also. Several new quests have been implemented that yield pet armors, for instance, and you will find taming as well as food items in the drop tables of new monsters.

Interacting with your pet will tell you what it wants and needs, but we did also compile a list that states all available pets, as well as their taming, food, and armor items, which you can see below.

PET TABLE (click to view)

Pet skills, speed, and hunger changes

Pet System (passive)
Your pet will become more attached to you, depending on your intimacy.
Intimacy Effect
0-200 Your pet doesn't trust you.
201-400 Loot Items [1] unlocked.
401-550 Loot Items [2] unlocked.
551-700 Loot Items [3] unlocked.
701-850 Loot Items [4] unlocked.
851-999 Loot Items [5] unlocked.
1000 Your pet loots +3 items.

On Ragnagoats, pets have the ability to loot items for their masters. This skill grows in power depending on the pet's intimacy level. The skill will, however, also decrease in level or disappear completely if the pet's intimacy level decreases again.
You will get access to the 'Loot Items' skill once your pet's intimacy is 201 or higher. Please keep in mind that the 'Loot Items' skill obeys the item share rules of the party you are in. The cooldown of the skill and the number of items your pet can gather for you differs, as shown on the left.

We have also made some adjustments to pet speed. On Ragnagoats, pets always walk at the same speed as their masters and, if you do end up running away from them somehow, they will return to your side right away. Keep that in mind when you use the Loot Items skill as pets prioritise being close to their masters over looting items.

Lastly, we decided to make a small but significant change to the hunger mechanic. Any pet that reaches 0 hunger, at which point their intimacy starts to drop, will, instead of abandoning their owner, return to their egg as long as the owner has the AFK status at the time.

Loot Items (active)
Send out your pet to loot items for you.
Level Cooldown Items looted
[Lv 1] 30s 5
[Lv 2] 28s 6
[Lv 3] 26s 7
[Lv 4] 24s 8
[Lv 5] 22s 9

Pet stats revised

As some of you may remember, pets normally have special stat bonuses attached to them. On Ragnagoats, you are still able to gain such an advantage via your pet, but no longer are the bonuses bound to the pets themselves. Instead, after obtaining a Pet Ring from a lovely canine fellow on the Pharos Beacon Island, you will now be able to bind the spirits of certain monsters to said ring and, while you have the ring equipped and are accompanied by a loyal pet, you will benefit from the associated bonus.
There are a few things to keep in mind in regards to this system:

  • You can only have one Pet Ring per character.
  • You can only bind one spirit to the Pet Ring at a time. If you try to bind a second spirit to a Pet Ring that is already enchanted with another spirit, the existing bonus will be overwritten.
  • Spirits drop from monsters (see table below) and are tradeable. Pet Rings, however, are character-bound, meaning they cannot be stored, traded, or dropped.
  • The spirit bonus bound to your Pet Ring will only be active as long as the pet's intimacy level is loyal, though it does not matter how empty or full the intimacy bar at this stage is.
  • The stat bonuses awarded are somewhat different from what you may be used to, so make sure to study the table below carefully. We have tested each of these bonuses carefully and hope there is something for everyone in there. The whole system is also available on the Test Server, of course.

SPIRIT TABLE (click to view)

IMPORTANT: The Revised Pet System is subject to change. Please check this page and our patch notes regularly.
Any adjustments made will also be announced on our Discord.